Lasik after cataract surgery

Can I get Lasik after cataract surgery?

Lasik is a laser which is used to fix the refractive error of the eye by changing the shape of the cornea. It is a quick and easy procedure which can address nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
There is no reason to prevent Lasik after cataract surgery if needed.
Though, usually Lasik after cataract surgery is unnecessary since by implanting an IOL (artificial lens) during the cataract surgery, you can receive best vision. You and your doctor can choose the type and power of the lens in order to give you the best vision according to your specific needs. Post cataract surgery RevitalVision exercises affect the vision processing ability in the brain and improve vision. Feel free to contact RevitalVision for more information and learn more about how you can get much needed help to improve vision after cataract surgery or other common eye diseases.

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